Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some Frozen Moments

What if you are given an option of freezing some of your life's moments and then have them stored in some kinda memory and replayed whenever you want? Replayed in such a way that you are actually part of that snippet of memory. I do have some of these moments of my own, which I would like to immortalize for my lifetime.

One of the memories I'd like to put away and then re-enact would be time I was para-sailing in Goa on a recent trip. I always feel at one with nature when I'm near an Ocean, or on a mountain, or even on a flight. However, I distinctly remember the feeling while para-sailing. Suspended in mid-air, engulfed by the vastness of both the Sea and the Sky, one couldnt help noticing the minute-ness of our existence. Even though we invariably know about the vastness of this universe, we somehow dont realize it in day-to-day life.

Ego takes precedence - Man, the supreme being! Man, with the power to harness and solve the biggest of problems, the power to create and destroy. It takes the genius of man to build a spacecraft, land on Mars, and it takes the genius of a man to make an Atom bomb and use it against his own kind.

It is not by sheer chance that man has come to rule on this earth, however, it will be his own undoing to disregard the sheer power of nature. Man's capabilities can be considered as a tiny surrogate of that of nature's. Will it be possible that man, being a natural nomad, be able to find another pasture, away from a decomposing earth?Will he have enough resources to be able to settle down on a new planet? Only time can tell!

Coming back to the point where I was suspended in mid-air. What did I feel? Bliss! Its a great feeling. Some people feel scared of the height or of falling in the water. I was smiling broadly and saying to myself - "This is where you belong boy!! This is where you belong!"

How I wish I could fly! I believe, someday, I will! :)


Smruti said...

A good thought..but 2 paras wasted in redundant prose centred around the writerr's need to flaunt some other ideas:)


Pallavi said...

wow my blog is an inspiration b4 it even started :) u kno i think the only reason we do not have such powers is coz if we cud relive moments then we wud have the power to twist destiny...have u seen the movie next? it cudve been made better but it has a similar thot...coming back to ur write up...loved it! :)