Thursday, November 29, 2007


Question: How would you prefer your life to be? One riddled with twists and turns at every step? Or a simple, plain walk in the park?

Well, its obvious that irrespective of what you want it to be, life takes its own course. And more often than not its the former - full of twists and turns. And at every step you have to make the all-important 'choice'! Are choices difficult to make? Yes, indeed. I like to think of choices as blind paths - you make one and then go along, come what may! While for some, its a matter of life and death, so much so that they'll spend an enormous amount of time thinking about the various choices, their prospective outcomes, and finally the effect it would have on their lives.

Both forms of decision making are double-edged swords!

If you fall into the trap of going with your gut-feeling everytime and jump into a decision, its quite possible that you overlook certain minute albeit imperative nuances. It might turn out to be a huge headache later. These types are dangerous in work-places, where a decision can make or break your career.

For the latter type, you might end up wasting oodles of time running around in circles without getting anywhere! Depending on the choices, all might seem to be equally good or equally worse, which doesnt help one at all.

Funny part is, you first have to 'decide' what you need to do with a particular set of choices - depending upon the need of the hour - is there a need for a super-quick decision or is there a need for a thoughtful review. I reckon making this decision itself should pose a sizable problem.