Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let there be Light!!

There is so much despair
So much gloom and darkness
Eyes with the hint of a tear
Weaned of all happiness

All caught up in the unending race
No one knows where it leads
Yet they try keeping pace
Without a thought for their deeds

A fist here, a leg there
Grab his shirt, grab him by the hair
Pull him down, PULL HIM DOWN!
At any cost I want that crown
No matter how many thorns I want that crown

And in the end there is no glory
The race ends, no winners here
Blood everywhere, streets all gory
Sullen faces, ghastly looks everywhere

And Then Suddenly....
Piercing the dark skies, out of the black
Emerges a light, shattering the hue
Striking terror in the hearts of evil
Cowed down, bodies lying askew

And a voice thunders through the melee
"Time has come for things to be set right
Halt this drudgery, end this slavery
Let there be harmony, Let there be Light!"

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