Thursday, October 25, 2007

All we need is Radio Ga Ga...

Remember the famous song by Queen? Well, if I was a Queen, then I would proclaim the Radio to be Dead!! Such is the state of the channels on the airwaves of Mumbai. Gone are the good old days, when one would start the day with Jaggu & Tarana on Go FM! Now I dont know who to listen to - everyone sounds the same, the topics are not much different, and the songs well.. there's no variety there either!

Its a shame, really! One would think with 7-8 channels doing the rounds, there would be a tough choice to make between them, however, on the contrary, its turning out to be a dull channel switching act whilst each channel follows the same songs hour after hour.

Is Indi-pop dead? I know for sure the desi revolution has killed English songs and bands, since there's hardly any channel (baring VH1) which dares to show Angrezi stuff on TV. And the same theme has followed the Radio too, with the only English songs played on AIR's Rainbow FM and some one odd hour on Radio City. Along with the desi revolution, Radio channels have now become brand ambassadors for Bollywood songs. I've been listening for the past month or so, and none of the channels have played one Indi-pop song.. I dont even remember the artists ;) (of course I cant forget Euphoria!!)

Well, enough said! Let us pay our homage to the Radio which we once adored and which ceases to exist amidst us now!

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